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Location: Aus, Melbourn,, Doncaster

im new and looking for a group in Doncaster or Box Hill that can show me some stuff,, If any1 knows about a group in that area plz e-mail me,, or post the stuff her

mycoBRONZE Member
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Location: melbourne, victoria, australia

hey mate, welcome to HoP. There's a weekly sunday meet in the's a link to it...
[Old link] but keep in mind that although it says it's in alexandra gardens, it actually takes place in victoria gardens. for some reason everyone just calls it alexandra gardens.

there's another meet on wednesdays, which i haven't been to myself, but there's apparently some pretty impressive spinning going's the link for it... [Old link]

There's also a group of people who catch up in frankston, i'm not sure how regular this is, but i think it's on fridays? i may be wrong, sorry, i don'\t have a link for that one.

8 posts
Location: Aus, Melbourn,, Doncaster

thanks for that

GeezaGOLD Member
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Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

doncaster in oz or uk?

BrennPLATINUM Member
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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Geeza - Oz smile


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