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what do you guys thing about the directions for fire chains at Domorepoi i get some but i don't wana spend 80$$ on them... or anyone have any tips? hug

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The ones on domorepoi are about as basic as you can get... you won't be able to make some that work well for any cheaper than the cost of those components, because you need them all. I don't know how it works out in $ but I made some fire poi for about 25, which I guess is about $40-50 using ingredients from hardware shops etc.

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Well, I'd look at the instructions on a couple of different sites to see what they say. The instructions in and of themselves are simple enough. The tricky part is the ingredients. For instance, I've read a couple occasions of chains releasing, sending a flaming ball free (and towards the audience), and also that zinc gives off toxic fumes (all the stuff I can find around here are zinc plated frown ). Also, things like nylon vs leather for handles, swivel or no swivel and basic or ball-bearing, etc... Always err on the side of caution when dealing with fire (and potentially an audience), buy whatever will hold up better.

Ok, now that you have all that under belt, you have to realize that alot of the components may not be availble in singular quantities. You may have to buy a reel of chain or kevlar wick instead of just the length for a pair of poi. Of course, if buying from a site like this, then you can probably just get the portions you need, but it's all worth considering.

Anyway, I should note that this all from the perspective of a knowledge seeker. I've only been spinning for a short while, and have only tried to source the components for a fire chain locally. I've never built or spun fire to this point (actually more interested in LED poi, truthfully). So there ya go.


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Being a Leo myself, I def get the fire desire, but. (And here's where all who read this stop drop n Laugh, but) what is... ...um..poi *raises hands to block expected blows* seriously tho, it sounds cool from what lil I have read about it, on here.

Never heard of poi til I bought my first set of throwing knives. Searched for any help learning my new knife hobby n this site came up. Now I wanna learn poi, so looks like I went from having no hobbies to learning 2 of them at once.

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