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Location: Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

The amazing poi artist Nick Woosley - - is doing a cross-canada poi workshop with his brother for any and all interested fire spinners out there. Anything from first-timers to veterans and with any implements (poi, chains, etc). From his website:

Beginner Lessons: The beginner series will focus on building a good foundation for dancing with poi, ideal for those still learning the basic poi movements. Avoid pitfalls, backtracking, and frustration later by developing good habits now.

Intermediate lessons: The Intermediate series is for those who can

move and turn comfortably with all the basic moves, and want to take their practice to the next level. Although many advanced moves will be covered, the focus is to go beyond "moves" and to understand how to develop a deep level of skill with the building blocks of poi movement.

Each workshop will go 2.5 hours with a break in the middle.

A workshop would be $35 for one day or $50 for two.

RSVP to to reserve a spot


Sat Sept 24th and Sun Sept 25th

Start time will be early afternoon, location to be confirmed

Check out or email him at for

additional details.

The video he did -
- is

absolutely mesmerizing.

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