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Hey all,I'm having a problem doing continuous wrist rolls (ie you release the staff and let it roll over your wrist - then you catch it again..)I can get it to do one, but does anyone have any hints about getting the staff to stay centred while doing multi wrist rolls?BTW - in case you havent noticed, I'm bored out of my brain today, and I'm not going to be logging onto HOP for 2 weeks starting I'm dosing up now...Love,Josh

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You mean wrist rolling say over left to right and then catch in the right and flip back over the left starting over again? Prometheus and I can both do this, start slow and work your way up. I just really concentrated on aiming for the grip, Prom said he took it really slow.Or did you mean just keep going from wrist to wrist? I'd like to see that too. smile------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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um I meant on the same yif you are turning forwards at your right side instead of bringing the tip across to the left you keep it on the right and you release the staff so that it rolls up over teh back of your hand and back into your grip again...(thats one wrist roll). I can do one...but I cant keep it going without working my way down the staff smileJosh

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that's not working josh!you have to release the staff,let it turn and then you grap it's a difficult move.good luck!

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yea, do it like a normal roll, but try pushing up before you release it, then release when you normally would, but when it gets to the part where it would roll across the back of your hand, move your up with it, but not as far so that you have a small space between the back of your hand and the stick. since its not rolling across, it doesnt move in space, then when it comes around, catch it again, and your hand should be in the same spot it was in when you released it, try doing this repeatedly for periods of time to help you get it down. do it for like five minutes without stopping the roll. then try it on your other hand. by the way, ive noticed that i can only do it in one direction, for me with my right hand i have to twirl it counter clockwise, so it comes across from the far end and over to my thumb. and the opposite with my other hand. i can almost do it from my thumb to my pinky side, but it makes it difficult to catch again.

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