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truespin 22 posts

Just got my beautiful new staff and was wondering what the best way of protecting the wicks was while practicing (i.e. without fire).
At the moment I'm having to practice over tarmac/paving stones and I guess dropping the staff repeatedly is going to fray the wicks... So I've stuck a pair of socks (rolled over a couple of times) over the wicks smile
This has made the ends a fair amont heavier and I was wondering whether you just need to cover the wicks with a small sock - or whether a couple of layers of sock is more preferable (or worse?)
(what a dull post I know!)

[noodles] 893 posts
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I'd say what you have is a good idea. Bearing in mind, of course, that when your wick are soaked in parafin they will gain weight so the extra weight from the socks shouldn't be a problem.

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truespin 22 posts

Cheers noodles - this is what I assumed too smile
Also has the added benefit of stopping it making such a loud noise when I do drop it - meaning I can practice till later without annoying the neighbours too much

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I made myself little wickbags for the exact same reason.. Being the idiot that I am however, I lost them frown

They were basically bags that slip on the end that cna then be tightened up with a string pull smile

But they did the job.

As for parrafin, I don't really find that it makes that much of a weight difference, but htne again, thats just me shrug

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GnorBRONZE Member
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Use wee baby socks. Or make covers . You can even make them a feature by making them in furry material with elastic to keep them on. I found drawstrings didnt work for me.
I line mine with ripstock nylon to keep the smell out of the fur a bit more.
They do end up looking like big enjo cleaning sticks.

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KnoxiousGOLD Member
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Best thing I've seen and used meself camefrom MCP's inspired mind:
Beer bottle coolers made from neoprene (Wetsuit material). They have a zip up the side and can take hefty hits.
And then whil eyou play fire you can keep your beer cold...
Full blown genius!

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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that's a great idea mr dave!

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MynciBRONZE Member
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1 idea I have seen is foam pipe cladding. soft and cushiony biggrin makes your satff look like that pugel stick in gladiators. ubblol

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