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Well it's starting to get cold outside and I feel myself drawn from the outside to my warm comfy bed. So I'm looking for some good books to read to fend off the inevitable boredom and monotony of winter. I'm looking for something fantasy based like Lord of the Rings...or just a really good fiction novel. Something that I could read aloud and share with my boyfriend.

Anybody have some good recomendations?


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For a great read try The Magus by John Fowles, once you're in you won't be able to put it down! Also The Sparrow and Children of God by Mary Doria Russell. These books made me laugh, cry, think and love.

For fantasy I was always a fan of the first DragonLance series. Also Raymond Feist, start with Magician and move on. Lord of the Rings goes without saying!

For techy sci-fi read Stephen Baxter's books, I love them, very good.

For ideas and life track down some books on Buddhism, Taoism, etc.. and Conversations with God - Donald Walsch

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oh, and lets not forget the deptford trillogy ( roberston davies ) .. strange but good in a weird ( not-so weird) sorta way .. and a book called the Prestige by christopher priest .....

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Originally posted by Supafly:
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

YES! what that guy said!

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Other people have mentioned these already, but what the hell:
The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (if you have a couple of months to spare)
A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin
American Gods and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman


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Not a fiction book but still a FANTASTIC read.

Uk people may remember this guy's tv program "Secret rulers of the world."

The Book is called

"Them, Adventures with extremists."
written by a journalist called Jon Ronson.

Its his journey through the world of the new world order, events

such as Ruby Ridge and Wacco. He travels the american gun circuit,

nazi camps (ironic cause he is jewish , provides alot of scary situations .)

KKK meetings looking for political and social extremists,

evidence of the Bilderburg group and the new world order.

He talks to nutters like david Icke and Ian Paisley .

brilliant book. well worth it.


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Originally posted by THE UNITED CHAINS OF FIRE:
the kamasutra is a good book for a long cold winter night when you are all alone in your bed...well it is for me anyway!
Nah, that book is best shared in bed... (or upside down levitating in mid-air, for that matter )


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Non fiction: Genome by Matt Ridley.

WOW. What an amazing book! Read it and you'll understand why I got a Masters in molecular biology. I read it even though I was in my training at the time and I still loved it! It's great for all levels of scientific education.

Also, two classics by Carl Sagan: Cosmos and Pale Blue Dot. These two books are my "Old Testament" and "New Testament." They got me into science in the first place and they're just amazing.


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I'll second C@ntus' suggestion of The Dice Man, it's a very good book.

I'll also add my name to the list of people suggesting Neil Gaiman books. I especially like Good Omens, which was co-written by Terry Pratchet.

Will Self is good too, if a little bizarre. Great Apes and The Quantity Theory of Insanity would be my recommendation of his books.

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Why o earth might u think i didn't read c@nttus?

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Try any of the Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz.
"A Booke of Days" by Stephen Rivelle.
Any of the Gray Mouser series by Fritz Leiber

If you like mysteries, then anything by PC Doherty.

PM me if you need any other titles..


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Veronica by Nicholas Christopher was good, it's sort of a fantasy set in new york with lots of magic but includes things which are taken from real life.

Chocolate and Blackberry wine by Joanne Harris

Paulo Coelho is a brazilian Author who's wriiten some brilliant books, some of them are a bit like fables with morals etc, his best known book is called 'The Alchemist'

Did ne1 mention the Silmarillion? It's sorta the prelude to Lord of the rings and tells of the creation of middle earth, the elves, how souron cam to be and everything else in middle earth.

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Wow! So many cool, interesting, and amusing books. My 'to-read' pile has just morphed into a whole new dimension!

I'm finishing the 'Wars of Light and Shadow' double-trilogy by Janny Wurtz at the mo, and it's been intense I can tell you. Magic, intrigue, and depth on an ultimate scale! And how can one man go through so much and still keep the will to live??
Tis all good though.

Other books I'd recomend -
*The 'Riftwar' series (obviously),

*'The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever' by Stephen Donaldson (alternative, epic, and tonnes of absorbing fantasy concepts) and of course the Second Chronicles (these were the first fantasy books I read and are responisible for the many times I failed to get off the school bus at the right stop, it was so absorbing),

*Tad Williams' 'Otherland' and the books tha follow (Jello, you'd like this as there is a character with an implant that enables him to listen to music in his mind as you described in the 'If Only' thread. There's also lots of very cool Virtual Reality worlds and the whole story is a total sci-fi and fantasy cross),

*The 'Uplift War' series as Kyrian mentioned. There are six books in all. I read 'Brightness Reef' (#4) first and then from the beginning with 'Sundiver', which was confusing at first but then a whole lot more satisfying as everything gradualy fell into place.

*Ken Macleod's 'The Star Fraction', 'The Stone Canal', 'The Cassini Division' and 'The Sky Road' are a definate sci-fi must-read. It starts in the in near future, goes back to the 70's and far future at the same time, then goes way past the year 3000, then back to somewhere in between. The books deal with friendship, love, politics, space travel (fusion powered space ships), nano-machines (a body-suit that can morph into any aparel desired ), arificial inteligence, and more. My fave is 'The Stone canal' where the main character, John, teams up with a machine that had John's mind downoaded into it (more complex and intigueing than than but I won't give too much away ).

I also recomend finding some nice little oddities from second-hand book shops. The 60's and 70's produced heas of quirky sci-fi short stories, often with funky psychedelic covers

I could go on for ever but I'm sure your eyes are tired, if not your attention.

Oh, and UCOF, please don't encourage my brother more - he has his whole life, and the outside world, ahead of him

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hmm...well..lets c: i liked
coldheart canyon...Galilee...Imajica...Everville.those are just afew of clive barker's books.i like his writing,which is a little twisted in a sexy way .
also ,by the way ,i think "sword of truth " series ,has got now around 6 or 7 books .read wheel of time before ,but i like goodkind's books more ,just like flash said .it's more hardcore .
well...i guess that's it

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The latest Dune installment is out: the Butlerian Jihad.
yay now we know how the zetsunni warriors become the fremen!
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The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver

- it's amazing... about a family of christian missionaries living in the Congo and trying to convert the locals... I couldn't put it down and it really makes you think..

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