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Posted:My computer has been playing up recently, i was wondering if anyone can help me,
I have Windows ME edition
When i first start up my computer it comes up with:
EVNTSVC has caused an error in <unknown> EVNTSVC will now close

and occasionally (once a week) it comes up with:
RUNDLL has caused an error in <unknown> and will now close

and my computer has been freezing a lot, and restarting itself.

Any ideas will be appreciated!


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Posted:Its a revival of an old thread I can only assume...




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Posted:Right on CoFfers.

Necro is an abbreviation of necro-posting. I.e Brigning a dead thread back to life. No need to get any knickers in a twist smile

Tramp, what website are you using? Would be easier to help out if we could see what we're dealing with smile

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Posted:LoL "I'm not pink" One is amused.

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