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Posted:This might sound a stupid question, although if it saves me from one day ending up in the local burns unit, then i guess it is'nt.......whats the score with what you wear "smelly wise" when you use fire? By this i mean, i guess hairspray is a big no no for those who usualy use it, but does the same go with certain aerosol deodorants and body sprays?

Whilst i'm looking forward to one day doing fire, i do want to go up on my first go.....and i don't want to stink either!


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Posted:deoderant fine I guess. People don't normally hit themselves in the pits. If you want to be really safe, shave it off.

Hairspray: I've never had my doo go up in flames. And I use a lot of mousse, with no concern for flammability. But you might want to test it. If you really want your hair nice, wet it before hand, or wear a hat, or wear a wet hat. wink

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Posted:ewwww cathing armpits hair alight hurts a me frown

hats need to be worn

apart from that the only thing in hair spray that burns (i think) is the propellant, so after you've put it on on left it, there should be no more flamibility, well no more so than normal hair

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Posted:Yep, unless your putting it on while spinning fire your ok. Even then alcohol flames are quite weak, you's need to be putting alot on to get into serious trouble.

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Posted:I use both hairspray and deoderant when I play with fire, thats also including a six inch mohawk and i've never had any trouble! Well apart from a drunkard running up to tell me I was doing such a good job he accidentally kicked my fuel into the air and resulted in a few loud and unrepeatable words!


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