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Posted:the burn syndicate is now online @
the burn syndicate is an online, specialized fire magazine.

have a look, send us feedback.

~syndicate editor

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Posted:I like the tips and tricks section.

Am enjoying the site greatly. But i thought you might like my feedback in real time and that was my initial thought.

Ok i'll stop whittering now and let you get back to it.

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Posted:pretty cool. i like how you are trying to push the artistic boundaries in the article, to try to get people to do more than just get up onstage and try to show off their btb weave.
but if you really are only for advanced fire dancers, isn't that a bit redundant? the thing that seperates the beginners from the pros is an understanding of the many levels of performance, and how to put on a good show that leaves them wanting a post-fire show cigarette... not that i am being critical. okay maybe a little. but why limit your stated audience to the advanced? what does that do? what do you have to say to an advanced performer that they don't know? i guess i'm just trying to push some creative buttons, cause i'm ready to listen. i like what you are doing.

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Posted:Looks very good & I would probably take the time to browse. However it is performance focussed and that is not my deal. So interest yes, practical use for the non-novice, non-performer no.

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Posted:I really liked the "raising the bar" article. I was all impressed by the writing and thought, then I saw it was written by FireMike... and would certainly expect nothing less. Nice job guys.

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Posted:Thank you for the fantastic (not to mention constructive) feedback. It's gonna help us find our groove with this.

One of my thoughts throughout the creation of the zine was that we certainly didn't want to compete with HOP, but we did want to complement it. Though you've never seen my name around here, this is the place where I learned a lot of my first moves, and there is no need to reinvent a perfectly good wheel. It was smarter (and more challenging) to create a focus that doesn't seem to have been addressed, yet.

Maybe it seems redundant to go over aspects of performance with performers, but unless you're taking theatre or circus classes, where else are you going to get these ideas actually discussed, and how will they be integrated with the aspects of manipulating fire?

I'm excited to see how this is going to evolve, and I invite anyone who's interested to contribute to that.

one of the editors, and a big fan of HOP.

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