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Posted:Greetings from Rumpel,

Just putting the word out early....
if you hear of any folks that have any video
footage/photos of my 25 hr show @ the EJC 2005
in Slovenia, i would greatly appreciate to get a hold of

I want to make a dvd.

Also any footage of my 24 hour show @ the EJC in 2001
in the Netherlands would be great!

Perhaps you can put up a notice at the next
convention. That would be much appreciated!

Best regards Rumpel!


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Posted:Can't be from Rumpel, it's just waaaaaaaaaaay to short!

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Posted:YOU were thet crazy clown..? : ) oh jesus.. how did you ever survive the show..? : )

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:whats this?
what 25 hour show?

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Posted:you should have been there.

I got front row each time i went in to the tent, mybe it was to do with the fact that I had not washed for a week.
but I still got to watch 4/5 hours of his show.
and he ended up with my lighter as well.
but it was all worth it.

sorry do not know of any video for your show.
good luck in vages mate.

see you at some time.

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Posted: Written by: rumpels website


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