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Rouge Dragon
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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:Sitting here watching this terrible show with my aunt.

guess where my self esteem is right now.

my body is average size. i am heavier at the moment than i am in the middle of rowing season. but i dont look bad.

i dont dress to the latest fashion. i like to be a bit different, but most of all, look good and feel comfortable regardless of whats up to date (admittantly, i will sacrifice confort for appearance, but not to fit in.)

But i am so disgusted that shows like this are allowed. i really am feeling so low right now. my hair is straight with a cow-lick, my body is, like i said, normal, my height is normal. and i wouldnt say i am unattractive...

but why am i feeling so terrible about how i look?

sorry for the rant but this show makes me want to scream.

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:There's better and worse ways to lose weight tho. I dropped about 6.5 pounds in June. By lifting weights and eating healthy. thats good.

In July I lost another three pounds, by running all over england, walking way too much (more than 8 hours many days) and eating about one meal a day. It actually went ok, but its not really recommended.

So I gained a little of it back when i came back to the states. Since then I've been dropping off more weight again, but mainly by not eating enough. Because I'm stressed. Usually I gain weight when stressed, but i'm combating that in a horribly unhealthy way.....

I'm not as upset about my body image as I was in, say, april, but I can't seem to get on track to fixing it either. And every time I see a picture of Natalie portman or some 16yo girls I feel very very .... old. fat. and ugly. especially my face :/

Those makeover shows, they never look very good tho imo. and agreed quick fixes are silly.

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Posted:Written by: Brit_Joe

Written by: lozzley bear

to add to skullys list -
D) everyone has insecurities and everyone has wished for a quick fix...therefore everyone can identify with the subject of the show. it makes large parts of the viewing audience feel good when they see the 'swan' at the end of it.

Well that kinda contradicts what skully is saying, she is saying (i think) that you should stop buying into the way people TELL you how to look and realise we all have our own inner buety and feeling good about yourself is what counts.

i know (and agree) with what skully is saying...the list was a list of why the shows are made..


Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Written by: MiG

best weightloss programme i ever heard of. And i think it was on here:

Use more energy than you take in. you'll lose weight.
(not sure who that was. kudos to who said it)

Many. Including the famous Dr. Lightning. wink

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I like 'move more eat less'

Talking of weight loss I dropped 3 stone seven months ago, I dunno how many pounds that is for everyone out of england but it was incredably easy. I just ran for an hour a day 5 times a week, and changed my eating habbits a little. Alltho I didnt have to give anything up I just had things in moderation.

Theres a myth going around that you cant eat what you want and loose weight, well you can actualy have your cake and eat it. as long as you work it off and only have the one slice lol

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