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Posted:Do we have any silk screen printers out there that can produce high quality prints on good quality T-Shirts for a reasonable price.

I'm looking to print my Creatures onto T-Shirts to sell. I've had a few quotes but I'm not sure who to go with yet so I thought I'd open it up to anyone on HoP to quote me a price too.

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Posted:hey hun,i work at a t-shirt printers,PM me with details and i'll see what i can work out for ya!
need to know:
what logo/s look like
will you be suppliyng t-shirts or will we
quantitys of each style size,
no. of colours in each print..

and various other things.
as a general rule its the set up charge for the screens that are the expensive part so if you're only thinking of small quantities of each style,it will cost you quite a bit.
also the more colours you have the more screens need to be made so more cost etc...etc...blah blah corporate rubbish! biggrin

but yup..gimme details and i'll see what i can do ! hug


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