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Posted:I'm just wondering why technological aspects of society continue to be male dominated areas... By this I am reffering mainly to IT and engineering areas...

I have many friends who are into computers and ALL are male. Most of my girlfriends have never installed windows let alone thought about opening a computer...

So why is it that we women generally avoid technology??? Is it because of nature or nurture? Are we afraid of entering a male dominated society or have we been coaxed into this by societal rules and sterotypes?????

I dont really have an opinion on this! I am just curious!

So go on tell me what you think...


BTW I'm not very good at making new threads... frown


huggles to all,


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Posted:i wish i knew....

woman just don't seem to be as interested in learning about factual things. this is a generalization guys! I'm female! And I like compilers!

Its just, so many times its girls I see saying blah blah this is boring, or "you just fix it for me" and wanting to talk about clothing or feelings or whatever...

not that talking about those things is bad, expecially feelings which men have some problems with as a whole, but its interesting.....

anyway, that would be my thought, loose and useless tho it prolly is

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Posted:Whether this has anything to do with it I don't know, but the other day I picked up an activity book for 5-9 year olds, which had a career choice thing in it, out of curiousity I had a look at which careers Bratz endorse, and it was largely stuff like artist, ballet dancer, nurse etc (though they did have an option for astronaut). No mention of dragline operator, computer programmer or anything realistic in technology at all.

Though I suppose if you're involved in writing a Bratz Activity Book you're not going to be that savy with the real world options.

Personally I wanted to be a tax collector when I was little; too many bible stories I think.

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