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Posted:dont get galvanised wire poi because they break when you are trying to do tight circles.... then they fly into the audience and set your friends cothes on fire.... frown propper steel ones are the go because they dont ware out, my galvanised wire ones did, very scary when thats the last thing you expect your poi to do when your twirling

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Posted:scary yuckinessness....

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Posted:Eeek, such a frightening way to discover that about galv. wire, eh? Hopefully no one was hurt.

Galvanized wire is extremely cheap - which is why people use it for a variety of non-construction projects (like chainmaille) It is iron or steel that's been treated with zinc. The zinc acts as a protectant from things like rust...It is dull grey and fades into a splotchy grey over time (and wear) by the zinc coating wearing off.
It doesn't handle heat very well - as you found out. Furthermore, the fumes that come from heated zinc are possibly harmful.(many people argue about this often in the chainmaille world)
And, like you just said, steel is best - preferably stainless as it won't corrode with chemicals, it handles heat well, and if the wire is thick enough (14 g and thicker) then it's far less likely to break. In fact, 14g and thicker and I have a hard time bending it with my pliers....
Two other metals that you can use are titanium (it's tougher and more expensive than steel - but lighter) and aluminum (I'd say only 12g and higher - though 14g is pretty tough, there's still the possibility it'll weaken with heat and use.)

Oh, that's enough metal talk smile

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