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Posted: This is thread that follow the thread,"can you do this move?" about timing.

Why are people interested in difficult moves?

I ask, because I saw many people start with the most difficult(what is difficult by the way?) moves and stop spinnig after a while. Because of what, because they thought, if they'll learn them it's done.
It is because people are too hungry?

I reffere to:

"Nos numerus sumus et fruges consumere nati" by Flaccus

(Translation"We are but numbers, born to consume resources."
Source: Epistles I,ii,27)

Or is the answer, it's just attraction, because they seems to be
more impossible. Isnt it allmost everything impossible, in the beginning?



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Posted:i dont fully understand what it is that your trying to say .

are you asking why do people try to learn more advanced moves before theyve masterd the basics

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Posted:Written by: Richee
It is because people are too hungry?

I find that it's mostly the fact that you see someone do something difficult that looks amazing and then you start practising really hard to achieve it because it really inspires you. Plus it's nice to say that you have that Poi trick in your arsenal.

That's just me though, so yes, I personally have a hunger for new tricks, but I don't spend hours perfecting split time swinging...

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Posted:Why are people interested in difficult moves?
1)We are but numbers, born to consume resources.
2)It's just attraction, because they seems to be more impossible.
3)It's the fact that you see someone do something difficult that looks amazing and then you start practicing really hard to achieve it because it really inspires you.
4)It's nice to say that you have that Poi trick in your arsenal.

These are 4 really good reasons out of thousands of other good reasons. Im sure every one has there own reasons for learning the more difficult moves. Just as they have their own reasons for spinning Poi in general.

For me its reasons 2,3,and 4 along with fact Im a shy, quiet person who doesnt want to fade into the background so I push myself to excel at more introverted activities others will like to observe. That and the thought that most people are competitive and (not to stereotype) but I dont think many Poi spinners play a lot of competitive sports, so they try to learn the hardest move because of their need to compete.

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Posted:here's my tuppence:
each new trick you learn opens up a new set of possibilities to pursue. However, i find it takes time to understand a new trick and then apply theory to it. Thus, each time you learn one new trick, you open up new possibilities for movement and expression. Imagine Poi Moves as a massive banquet. You only have so much time to eat in, but you can taste each, and those you like, you can spend more time eating than those you dislike (shaky analogy I know). i.e try the isolations with a mouthful of flowers, it's really tasty! wink

As well, some difficult moves (although it depends on your definition of difficult) do actually feel quite nice to perform. I would call the most difficult tricks, the ones you have not learnt yet, cos this is different for everyone.

It is definitely some form of consumerism to desire new tricks, for whatever reasons

I do think sometimess people concentrate too much on learning moves rather than transitions, as these are very important but often initially neglected (IMHO)

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Posted:sounds like the old "why climb a mountain" argument, after all, oce youve climbed it, you only have to come down again....

which might lead to "why climb the next mountain?"

all of thease are silly questions, and silly answers, some peaple are climbers.

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Posted:In the beginning, it's all about moves, fair enough, but at some point you as a spinner should make the decision when to stop learning moves and spend the time working out how to put them all together so you can enjoy a nice, flowing continuous spin.

I don't mean stop learning moves completely, but I feel it's more important to work with what you've got, rather than striving for more ( to tie in with the consumer analogy ) It's an individual choice of course, but you may find it's a suprisingly few number of moves before it's time to try out the "there are no moves" philosophy.

Don't just learn a move, learn how to smoothly get into it, and out of it, and then experiment to see what you can do with that move. Make that move " your move ",,,,,then learn another one.




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Posted:yes, i realise that i am too hungry.

but sticking to a diet is difficult, isn't it?

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Posted:Richee; I like this question that you have asked smile

I don't always understand your posts/your english but this is a good one.




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Posted:I guess the answer to your question is quite simple



grmbl wink




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Posted:I've been spinning for a year now, I can pull off a fair variety of tricks, and can move comfortably from one to another. I want to learn tricks because, to me, the next step along the path (where it's heading I don't know) is to learn the next trick and be able to easily tie it into my repertoire. I spent ages learning the 5 beat reverse, and then most of a day trying to work out how to turn a 5 beat to 5 beat reverse and back on both sides.

The pleasure of learning a new trick for me is because they are there. They are things to leanr, and will keep me focused in my Poi spinning. if I do not learn, I will stagnate.

Whether you want to learn the "easy" tricks like reels, turns and butterflies or not before progressing into isolated antispin weave (is that even possible?) territory is your choice. We all have our paths to walk, even in Poi spinning. To jedi or not to jedi, that is the question.

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Posted:i think it is good that i am hungry for more Poi Tricks, its like theres the whole of the world and you live in one little island. you can be happy with that becuase its a realllllllly nice island smile , or you want to find out what happens at the edge of the horizon, so you build boats and go and look.. and i think it is part of the nature of some humans to always want to know what happens at the edge...

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Posted:mountain climbers climb the mountain b/c it is there. spinners spin and learn more tricks b/c they the tricks are there to learn.
its the human condition to want to expand and learn, when you see or hear of move you cant do, you want to do it. im not sure if its competition, i dont think it is, except maybe in a personal way. i dont think the best spinners in the world spin to be the best, the spin for the joy they get out of spinning.
i like what oli said about 'the edge', as humans we draw an imaginary line between the known and the unknown, and we always want to know what is beyond that line.

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Thank you all, it gave me so much,
I will climb again smile,

love and light,




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Posted:I'd say we're all still initiates, beginners if you like, and we're still only doing the easy stuff, when the really tricky stuff comes along perhaps not as many people will be trying to do it.

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Posted:Having spent the last few days with oli I have different thoughts. (not that i posted the original ones anyway....... but there you go)

In reference to: "Isnt it almost everything impossible, in the beginning?"

Today Poi became more impossible than ever.
I feel as if I am splashing about in a sea of poi-possibilities and the stuff I think I know comes in waves, breaking on me all the time and tumbling me about so I don't know which way is up.

And I love it.


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Posted:Why are we so interested in difficult moves? Is it because of the natural human need to better ourselves, to go out and improve ourselves for the sake of our own mental wellbeing? Is it just for the adrenalin rush when a spinner realises he/she/it has done something that they thought was once "impossible" or "difficult"? Perhaps these are what bind us so closely as a group, this need to be the best we can be and the love of succsses.

In my view there's no such thing as a "difficult" move and there never will be. A "difficult" move is merely one that few people are willing to try because most doubt they can do it. I learned how to do a weave with releases and catches (can't be bothered working out how many beats), I only tried it because I thought it would be fun to try and because it would help me improve my spinning and when I could do it, it felt great.

"Isn't everything impossible in the beginning?"

Nothing is truly impossible... we merely haven't figured out how to do it properly yet...

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