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I need advice on what to charge for performances. Things like group and solo rates, hourly, daily and long term rates. Extra charges for eating and breathing fire. Danger pay. Percentage deposit before booking a gig. And anything else I don't have a clue about.I'll remember you all when I'm rich and famous. Promise.------------------Don't dream it, be it.

Don't dream it, be it.

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$25-50 dollar non-refundable deposit upon contract signing is a must for us. If there is a fire inspection fee, then it pays for that, if not then it is put towards the over all performance price but if they cancel they don't get it back. Incentive to keep us on.Daily...from Reniassance Faires where we are in costume and interacting wiht guests 7-9 hours a day, doing at least two but no more than 6 30 minute fire shows, it starts at $650 a day and goes up from there. The most we've gotten contracted for is $900 a day. For concert openings because it's theatrical..$50 to 250 per show depending on how theatrical they want it (if they want the smoke machine and strobe lights as well as us)and how long we are on stage. For weddings it is $50 per show since it's usually just me freestyle dancing. Street and festival performing is $75 per show each show being 20 minutes long. Business type things and such are charge differently because it really depends what they want but we don't go lower than $50 for a 20 minute show ever.Our shows range from 20 to 30 minutes long which is why we charge smaller events on a per show basis and not hourly (do you spin for an hour straight?)Personally I think that if you charge extra for fire eating/breathing and danger pay then you are earmarking yourself as either a rip off artist or a non-professional (no offense to anyone, this is **only** my opinion) and here is why. You are marketing yourself and contracting yourself out to provide a service of fire performing. Fire eating and breathing happen to be the most common for the fire performing, the one most people expect to see, and let's face the reality of it, the biggest danger is really the fuel if you are good at it. To seperate your shows as far as fire elements to me seems ridiculous. It'd be like a sword swallower saying that for a show he'll swallow a six inch sword but there is an extra cost for every inch beyond that. It's your skill/talent you are selling and it shouldn't come in bits and pieces to be a complete show. That is unless you have to hire out to get an eater/swallower in which case you say that up front and say you have to charge extra to bring them in.Danger pay. What you do is dangerous and thrilling, it's why people hire you. You are getting paid to show this off. Unless your normal show is something completely non-fire related and you sell that then you are offering the fire aspect in as an extra, there is no danger pay..there is just pay. I dunno, saying "You pay me $XXX to play with fire and by the way we require $XXX cause it's dangerous" wouldn't get you hired in most places I know.We also ask for a small food and drink stipend from places. Hey the work is hard and makes us hungry!!!! smileTwo things to remember when charging. **Always** make sure you get it in writing, and that both you and the venue have copies of it signed by both parties. Always cover your costs. If you ask for $50 for a show but it cost that in gas getting there, then what good was it when speaking monetarily? You still have to pay for fuel and wear and tear on the tools,costumes,etc.I don't think spinning and fire is about money at all but a huge part of professional performing is, so you really have to take it all into concideration. Like I said this is only my opinion.Best of luck getting rich and famous wink.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Damn Girl You Got Your Shit Together! tongue I din't know you had a whole Fire Dance Perfomance Crew! I may have to quit my day job, and move to NY! I was just going to suggest to have a ride to the hospital if you get burnt badly smile SkiChristian


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