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Posted:Ok, most poi I've seen (I think all poi that I've seen, but that's not very many) have streamers of some kind on the end of the ball, either fabric or a ball if it's a sock, or what-have-you. The poi I have (which are marketed under the name Comet something or other which I picked up at Toys R Us of all places) have glittery mylar tails, which make this weird flapping noise when I spin. My question is, if I cut the tails off, will it affect the spin of the poi in any way? That flapping noise is so annoying... They look neat and all, but noisy, and the mylar is starting to look ratty anyway. Do the tails serve any specific aerodynamic or physics-like purpose? Or are they just there for show?

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Posted:Pretty much just show... although they add drag/wind resistance and can tangle on some moves smile

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Posted:Is the drag/ wind resistance a good thing or a bad thing? Because that's pretty much what I'm worried about losing if I cut the tails off. I've discovered that they can tangle, so that would be a point in favor of getting rid of them, besides the fact that I would then have quieter poi with a smaller spin radius (meaning I can spin in more closed-in locations)


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Posted:erm if you want a compact, subtle practice poi, how about keeping your existing poi in one piece and making a sweet pair of sock poi? you know you want to!
it won't cost you much to experiement in this type of poi!

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Posted:I thought the noise the tails made was one of the best parts!

I agree with bender, dont be to hasty in getting rid of your tails, they provide no significant technical purpose,but after spinning without tails for a while youl probably start to miss them. I have loads of different kinds of poi, and through all the learning and teaching I have done, I've gone through phases where I have preffered a certain type of poi, but thats just a phase, I always get roung to and enjoy using the others.

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Posted:I like the noise my tailed poi make, I got spargos baby blue practice poi. Very nice to spin, I like the wooshing noise.

Not all poi have tails, some are just balls on the end of string but those are LED/glow poi or even UV. They pretty much assume in the poi makeing world that if your spinning during the day you allways want tails, and if your spinning at night you want UV/Glow/LED poi, thats the general rule I seem to be noticing when I look at the different types.

Some poi that glow at night are bright enough to be seen during the day but not many are, one type that does takes AA batteries and will brake bones if they come in contact couse there so hard lol, I forget there names though.

But anyway your best bet is to buy a chain (chains are better than string, the added weight and the fact there easily untangled compared to string makes them better) and stick the desired ball on the end without tails attached, tennies balls, or maybie juggleing balls, or anything roundish that wont brake. I think itle be better to make your own make-shift poi and keep your tails tailed, because you may look back and think

"Oh I wish I had different types of poi now"

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