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Bertil Nilsson


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Posted:Hello everyone!

I'm a photographer in East London specialising in circus and I'm looking for a couple of fire poi and/or staff artists for a personal project I'm working on for the fall.

I did shoot with a friend doing poi two years ago and I want to build on that with some new ideas. I have a cool location on a roof top next to Brick Lane, E1 with a nice city backdrop.

If you are interested send me a photo of yourself and a quick note about yourself to bertil@nilsson.name.



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Posted:I cant believe non of the London lot have got on to you, try Ucof he makes a good camera subject

*Thats one of my favourite Nurseries over there,*

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I may or nay not be in London over the next few weeks, depending on if I get a job or not. I suggest having a post here: http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubbthreads/show.../o/all/fpart/26
And Mill; how come I make a good camera subject? umm Surely we look much better together wink