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Posted:I wondered if anyone had some good tips how I could attach my kevlar monkey fist to a chain. Now I just attach a double chain around one of the ropes, but it makes it not vere flexible for changing the chains between toys and i feel it is not super safe in case the rope burns thorugh eventually.

Also I found a pair of crutches that I could use as a telescope staff with a bit of welding, anyone got other tips for stuff you could use for a extendable long staff it will be appreciated! smile

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Posted:I was thinking when I was playng with monkey fists that you could put one of those screw on and off wee D bar things (sure would help if I knew technical names huh?!) on the kevla rope about half way through the monkey fist and have all of the lines going in that direction go through it, then finish the rest of the fist, and when it was all pulled tight the D bar would be held securely in place and you could unscrew it to attach whatever chain you wanted to use.
what do you think?
if you try it or find another way I'd love to hear about it, as for extendables, I haven't played with them yet, but would like to know to, cos I'm travelling with double mini staff, and would be cooler by far to have the option of big ones!


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Posted:When making monkeyfist Poi, I use a double ended eyebolt, o-o, with the knot tied securely through and around the one eye, and the other external, and use a quicklink to attach it to chains. If you want to make an intermediary head, use a triple eye-bolt, o-o-o, and tie the knot around the middle eye.

Problem with most telescoping staff options is that they are usually aluminum, because it's lighter (same with crutches) which is a pain to weld and bends easily.

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Posted:and they rattle. boo!

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