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hey in cirque du soleil's alegria there is apparently a guy who manipulates fire knives. has anyone here seen alegria and if so, how is the fire dance? given that it is cirque du soleil, its prolly pretty good. and another thing, does anyone know how to make and or...i guess spin fire knives?

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I've seen Allegria and it didn't have a fire knife person in it, though there was a fire dancer (sword and swinging). I don't know but maybe they have changed the lineup since I first saw it a bit ago.As for making fire knives and dancing with them, there are two ways to do this. There is sword, dagger, blade dancing...which is actually dancing and spinning the blades while aflame.There is stage fighting with them...this can be done most easily with foil or rapier as they are lighter but with most any blade really. A double bladed fight (that is each opponent has a flaming blade in each hand) it particularly tasty to watch.There is also the Kada approach. Doing a blade martial arts Kada to music.These are pretty much the style I know.As for depends on the blade you use, the width and "performance" intentions.From my experience, most daggers for dancing have the flame in the tip except for the thrown variety where it is centrally located (same with throwing flaming stars, arrowheads and boomerangs), while other longer blades have the wicking all along the blade side/edge from the tip until afew inches above the hilt to protect the hand. Unless the blade is being used for flame throwing demonstrations then the blade is kept very dull.This is what I know, and I am no authority so I am sure there is planty more information out there.Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Yep, there wasn't any fire knives in the Allegria show I saw either. There's fire in O, one of their permanent shows in Las Vegas. I'll address more about fire in that show in the Cirque & Las Vegas post. Diana

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Alegria is in Melbourne as we speak and there is no fire-knife, tho is is advertised as such. The guy is a mean twirler, sooooooooo fast, short single and double sticks with friggin' HUGE wicks on them, and he sets his fuel trail on fire, which was excellent, I thought when I did that it was bad! Never thought of making it part of the show! Apparently two guys rotate performances. Definately worth checking out.cheers, kerri@fireworksdance

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