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Forums > Meet Others > anyone form derby or notts?

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Location: england
Member Since: 16th Aug 2005
Total posts: 7
Posted:just recently strted spinning was wondering if anyone up 4 meeting in derby or nottingham to show me some tips and pointers?

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Location: Buxton, Derbyshire. UK
Member Since: 21st Jul 2004
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Posted:Not Derby or Nottingham but i'm in Buxton so not really that far away.


Location: Birmingham
Member Since: 20th Jul 2005
Total posts: 251
Posted:there are loads in Birmingham and Nuneaton



Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Preston
Member Since: 10th Jul 2005
Total posts: 2666
Posted:Actualy there are a few notts about, you should post an introduction in the intro section so we can all say hi-de-hi wave

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lauz the caterpilla
lauz the caterpilla

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Location: nottingham - the land of oppor...
Member Since: 18th May 2005
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Posted:hello i'm from notts. and we have a poi meet every thursday on the forest. you should come along biggrin

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