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Forums > Meet Others > Any London Poi spinners left ?

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Posted:Hey people

So im from Paris and im staying in london until next wednesday...im dying to meet other spinners but are there any left or is everyone gone to Play ? redface

Id looove to meet up with new people, esspecially since ive had very good echoes from friends who came to Falmouth.
I found weelky gathering (tuesday is it?) so ill be there, but if anyone could tell me if theres anything else...during the day for example thatd be very very kind ubbangel

thx alot

- Maelle -

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Posted:Weekly Clpaham meet is on the sunday.

Im in Morocco at the mo, so I cant come out to play frown

But there are lots of other Londoners who would be glad to meet up smile

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Posted:great thanks

does it take place during the day?

if so, around what time ?

(sorry about all the questionning.... redface biggrin)

have fun in morocco

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lauz the caterpilla

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Posted:well i'm not from london but i've been before alot of people get their for around five and six some alot earlier. but i do think most of them are at play. but in the meantime i'm sure there back before wednesday and no doubt some will meet up with you before you go back.
hope you find some great hoppers and spinners alike wink
enjoy your stay here smile

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Posted:"Any London Poi spinners left ?"


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Posted:What is the tuesday meet?

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Posted:Spitz, the old spitalfields markets, near liverpool street station
if i lived in london, i'd be there all the time, well not all the time because spitz isn't on all the time, but yeah
something like 7pm onwards
hooray for spitz

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Posted:I've been there twice and it was really great... everybody wich is having a journey in londdon should go there


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Posted:Is that gathering still taking place at the spitafield market???
Would be awesome if so...weavesmiley ubbloco devil