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Posted:its very odd to explain and since i already tried here is what i posted in the new move topic

Written by: asakura

(other stuff first then here's the description)

but what i'm trying to do now is what i call "un" isolating. you do a regualr iso in w/e plain you do it in then you either have to do quick little stall or whip around and get them to isolate back the way the came. so basically your rewinding the isolation. its hard to because gravity hates me but you can also to a little *hardly noticable* wrist wrap or wrist tap to give them the momentum to go back...its really fun and looks ok.
anyone else got an opinion on it though?

so what do you think?

also, i know i oculd have put this in the isloation topic but i wasnt sure if this is just an average iso

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Posted:Sounds to me like normal isolations with an isolated stall connecting them. New? Not unless Im misinterpreting it. Congrats on finding it though!

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Posted:The reverse can also be made by a kind of double wrist wrap (well, not a wrap, more of a bounce).

mmm, isolatey biggrin