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Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
Total posts: 15414
Posted:Ask Jeeves

and find some funny questions to ask him...such as..

Daddy or Chips?

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

or the one i love the answer he comes up with at the top of the screen:

is jeeves gay?

[ 25 October 2002, 02:53: Message edited by: THE UNITED CHAINS OF FIRE ]

Location: The Dungeon
Member Since: 18th Oct 2002
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Posted:No ofcoarse he's not Gay, he's 'Pan-Sexual'....

Panoramic baybee, it be da future!

...Take Heed..

I'm not a baloon, I'm just made of rubber!!!!!

Location: London
Member Since: 10th Sep 2002
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Posted:rofl! i think jeeves might be gay with a response like that! i'd never thought of it before!


"is the truth really out there?"
"is pink a good colour?" -(me thinks not!)
"what flavour muffins shall i have today?"
"why am i about to go sit in another lecture about f***ing maths!"
"why did someone invent hangovers?"
"and why do i have one?" - (ok last night might explain that! )
"Who is jeeves?"

oooh... i could go on for ages!


you have to let it all go... Fear, doubt and disbelief... Free your mind!

Times like these people wanna get High...
Real High and Real Fast...
This is gonna do it!!

Helz Bellz
lovin' it...
Location: Bristol!
Member Since: 21st Aug 2002
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Posted:UCOF - His response to "Is Jeeves gay?" is so funny.........

Live well, love much, laugh often...

Official O.B.E.S.E. cheerleader


Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
Total posts: 15414
Posted:it is good isnt it...lol

SmallBoy - x
SmallBoy - x

Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: London
Member Since: 29th May 2002
Total posts: 2737
Posted:I asked him where the nearest brothel was and he came back with something about longbow men?????

Small Lardy Person In Disguise

Location: the arms of the Ganja Goddess
Member Since: 17th May 2002
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You. Its whats for dinner!

As time passes, you realise all the mistakes you amde and the ones you wish you never did make.

The wave crashing on the beach


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