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Posted:My mums partner showed me a poem the other night that he wrote about me, I can't stop giggling at so I thought I'd share smile
It's written from my point of view, aimed at my mum.

I think that you are smelly for asking much of me,
You know I've got so much to do that little time is free,
I'm thinking thoughts that you could never understand,
While my MP3 is playing tracks of my favourite band,

I think that you are smelly for nagging me each day,
To do the chores I know will never go away,
What difference does it make if I don't do what you ask,
For tomorrow you'll just nag again to do the same old tasks,

I think that you are smelly for my interenet to end,
I never get enough enough time for all my messages to send,
Why can't you understand that the computer is my friend,
And all online relationships need much time for me to tend,

I think that you are smelly for nto seeing things my way,
Just because I've told you of a meet I have today,
It's not my fault the place it two hundered miles away,
And in a tent within a muddy feild is where I'm going to stay


It's still a work in progress apparently.
I personally don't like it. It makes me sound like a typical teenager who never cleans her room, spends too much time on the internet, and who buggers off in a tent for the weekend all the time... *cough* wink

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Posted:te he he.....smelly!!

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Posted:Lol, that's great... looking forward to seeing the finished version biggrin

Getting to the other side smile




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Posted:Lovley line to repeat there.

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Posted:that was funny.
dont worry though i'm probably worse lol my room is never clean.

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