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I have been stringing for about 10 months off and on and everytime i go to a club to
string or just fool around there is always someone there trying to out do me especially
guys from austin. They always tell me that I shouldn't even be stringing because only
people from Austin can do it. It's weird like they always try to battle me and my friends
and i thought that stringing wasn't all about that. Eventually we do end up throwing
a session. We usually win and they get mad cause they say we have no right to be
stringing, that san antonio is not a rave city like austin. I love to go to austin and when i
do and string down there the guys there never give me shit if anything they help me
so why do they think that when they come over here they have something to prove.....
no disrespect to all the ravers in austin but why do some people tend to do it..........


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unfortunately the rave scene is becoming like a club scene. "I'm better then you cause I gots more kandi" type of thing. in my area it seems to stem from the fact most of the trendy type people, who as a general rule are competitive in most everything they do, are infiltrating the rave scene.

to solve your problem, just don't take part in their silly games. the better spinner is always the one who is more humble about their spinning.

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They must be jealous of your skill... and can't settle for copying (flattering) you. It's a shame but some of the people in WA are that way too. I find that if one person is ignorant enough not to help or be helped by someone else with the same type of talent, then the former person is best left alone to contemplate their own misconceptions of what is actually unique.

That may have been too awkward of an explanation but it's the psychological equivilant to telling military personel to go polish their chevrons.

Personally I get a good laugh out of someone who says they are better than anyone else at anything, and then tries to go and prove it. All that they are really accomplishing is proving that they do it differently, once they realize this they become much more pleasant people to be around. For the time being, plenty of elbow room is a much better policy.

Good Luck with any uptight person that acts like they have been force-fed a bag of limes. Don't let them get to you, elseways it would simply bring you down and not allow you to realize that what you do is beautiful and wonderful. I'm sure you already know that but it is definately worth repeating.

In conclusion, I'm sure that said people from said city don't understand that anything you do is no better than what they do, and vice versa. It's better to accept that they just aren't worth your time of day, for the time being. If they come across your path again maybe they'll have adjusted their attitudes to accept people that don't live in their general vicinity.

I know, I know... I already posted said message in poi moves but I think this is a more logical place for me to post it.

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Man thats really sad, *mumbles something about human nature* stupid humans people will be people, and as long as there are people there will be @rseh0les (aplogieses to Malcom) but remember it seams (from what you said that it is there problem not yours, so dont let them put it on you), we all get caught up in dumb things from time to time, my advice is try to make friends by using your common intrests (stringn)i've had people wanting to fight me 15 mins later buying me a coffee, but failing that, master sodium put it well.
hope it sorts out.

It's all good

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If your trying to compete,
you've already lost

Enjoy the path,
but keep a lookout for your sheep

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Don't worry, give them a couple of months & you will have an entirely different problem. They will have traded in their "stringin' forever" tshirts for the next fad, and will be looking at you going "that is sooooo last month".

And you can chuckle, knowing that you have found the secret to true happiness, you are doing what you enjoy, not what some fad tells you to do to be cool.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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Heh heh - kinda like the "old skool" breakdance battles

Oops, my age isn't showing there is it? (Jeez I'm not that old!)

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Yeah, it sounds like the breakdance "duels" of the 80's.

Enjoy the poi, not the idiots who turn it into a competition.