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Posted:I know that terrorism generally requires the media to spread the histeria but lately it seems the media has been publicizing WAY too much information that will clearly aid any future terrorists attacks. I'm all for freedom of information but explaining exactly what the terrorists did wrong when trying to detonate the second wave of bombs... or the exact chemical in the bombs is just irresponsible!

Molly and I have been pulling our hair out and yelling at the tele whenever this happens. Has it bugged anyone else?

So far I've learned the following from BBC news:

1) If you put the bomb on the bottom floor of a double decker bus, you'll kill way more people.

2) Attacking underground subways is more effective when bombs are detonated at stations that are deeper underground.

3) Always double check the INITIATOR of your bomb. That's the mechanism that primes the secondary charge. Otherwise you'll look silly when your bombs don't blow up.

4) Don't use your mobile phones. That's how the police track you. And don't count on mobile phones for detonating bombs as the police are counting on that as well and will clear moblie phone lines if they expect another attack.

5) The information needed to assemble bombs can be found on the internet. And many bombs can be made from chemicals. Specific formulas and names of explosives can be found by watching the news.

Even more ironically, apparently the NYPD disclosed some information that they shouldn't have... so the BBC went crazy saying "Here is the sensitive information that the NYPD shouldn't have disclosed.." and then went on to list it.

I'm all for freedom of speech, but I don't think it's all that professional for the media to be disclosing specific information that would help make future terrorist attacks more effective.

Bah, but I hate local news anyway. At least I'm away from Fox News for a few more weeks. smile

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