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  Posted: So, it turns out that my GCSE results are approaching fast.... I'm not worried (Hell, I wasn't worried during the exams, but only because I didn't care) for two reasons:

1) I'm not in the country when they arrive (the only benfefit this holiday is giving me)
2) I've had a few too many glasses of Pimms biggrin

But soon I will be screaming and panicking and stuff......

I'll follow this up when I get my results...

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  Posted:Written by: Lemonkey


Don't worry about them, they're so unimportant when you have proper qualifications under your belt.

(Except a C in Maths and English.)

My GCSE results got me into University ubblol

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  Posted:me 2, both myself and sir_sheep got into top 5 universities (according to the yearly guardian list) for our chosen subjects with no/crap alevel results.

Getting into university is all about blagging, at the end of the day they know that alevels don't really prove anything (a lot of people who do well at them are just good at parrotting back what they've learnt not people with the ability to go further). If you speak to the right people at universities and present your case well enough, with a bit of luck you needen't bother with alevels and go on holiday for 2 years instead. Plus it'll piss your future coursemates off no end to know you're on the same course as them and they got As and Bs at alevel biggrin