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Posted:Him = Daniel Radcliffe. The boy who plays Harry Potter.

He was wicked cute in the 3rd movie. But I've seen pictures of the fourth. And its just not working for him. For started, they need to let him cut his hair! Why movie people? Why?

/end rant

(yes, its too hot and i'm a little bored)

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Posted:I'm reading the 6th and it seems a tad oversexed, but whatever, hormones must rage on, even with Death Eaters on the loose,

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind "snogging" Radcliffe!
I might dye my hair red now that I think of it, redheads are stunning aren't they?

My fav is the 3rd bk (unimpressed by the movie) but I see hope with movie #4. Looking forward to mermaids and stuff.....



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