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Posted:This is just a good ol' bitch!Don't mind me, but sometimes it makes more sense to me if i see it written down.
I just wanted to know if i'm being unreasonable?
Because i use the buses to get to work, during peak hour it takes me max of 2hours to get to and from work each way. Example,Friday i worked 10-9pm but left the house at 8:30AM and got home at 10:45PM. Also my mom has come over to the UK to see me(we live in Zim but i'm here for the year.) Because i've been booked on holiday i obviously havent been reaching my targets. My manager had a go at me today... A big one because i wont book my self in for overtime. If the shift above is my norm. schedule can u all c why i wouldnt want overtime esp with my mom being at the house whail i'm at work.
Would u leave ur job? mad mad mad

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Posted:i dunno but your working an 11 hour day anyway so theres not much more they can ask you to do

how many days a week do you work?

i wouldnt leave my job though - not unless i knew there was somwhere else to go - but if thats how they treat you it might be worth looking

what do you work as?



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Posted:I'be quit jobs over MUCH less . But then I am well known for being a slacker. tongue I spent a year DJ'ing before I went to uni and that totally changed my attitude towards work.

It all depends how much you need the money.

I'd look for other work though. There's no point in being in a job that makes you unhappy or where you dont feel appreciated.




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Posted:I thought i had it bad with 1hr of travel everyday to and from work and only working 8.5hr day (incl of lunch!) Seriously Laday, seems like they put too much pressure on you!

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Posted:awww hunny hug it only takes me 15 mins to travel to work in the day time. 30 mins at night. but they never let me go on time.

working an 11 hour day is unfair. and trying to get you to do overtime after 11 hours is just plain evil. and if you have booked a holiday and they have given it to you it's they're problem if targets are not reached. I'd get another job hunny. nothing is worth that much stress.

hug try to cheer up hug

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Posted:My daily commute is 1.5hr each way, more if there's trouble on the tracks. At least I have plenty of reading time but it's a drag having to spend at least 3hrs a day effectively doing nothing when I could be having a lie-in doing nothing!


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Posted:Yeah, I agree, how much more past the 11 hour days you're working could they possibly expect you to put in? That just doesn't seem fair. I'm not saying that you should definitely quit your job, it just seems like they're very unreasonable. And especially if they gave you time off that you asked for, I wouldn't let it get to you too much.

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