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Jade Lynx

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  Posted: Mwaahahahahaha!!
I FINALLY got my own actual Firepoi last night!
I was s'posed to get them three weeks ago, but there were random delays here and there.
But now i have 'em!
I can light up whenever i want!
*can you tell i'm excited about this?*
Of course, once Kevin got' em assembled and i spun 'em to check the length, i promptly whacked my head and my hand simultaneously... Hopefully, now that they've shown me who's boss, they'll behave sweetly in future... I'll be picking up a couple of anicillary items today (fuel-soaking can, can of fuel, extra can of fuel for everyone who's let me use theirs all these weeks, really ugly towel so that i won't mind getting black smears all over it, maybe a fire extinguisher if i can find a small one). Life is good.

We got the MikeZ in the house, woot!Glue the ham, hat baby!

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  Posted:Good on you Jade!!

Go on give em a good spin!

Love, Drome



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  Posted:I'm glad your Poi are so well behaved.

Mine continue hitting me.





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  Posted:My staff is still the boss, psychologically speaking I haven't recovered from the incident in june that left me lame for a fortnight


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