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Posted: Can anyone recommend me any cheap accomodation in Cornwall that's close to twirling meets and hoppers?

Not that I'm planning a holiday or anything wink

It's hard to know what place is good because it could be so far away from all the lovely people.

And don't tell me to go a search, because I'm talking about ones you recommend!

I saw the Jamacia Inn and it looked fantastic, but it was a bit too expensive and apparently ghostly! ubblol

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Posted:depends where you are thinking off going in cornwall..i live in launceston (quite near the jamaica inn) and our house is a b&b 25 a night double room or 20 single...very nice house and lovely people biggrin haha!! otherwise maybe camping always a cheap option.

if you want more information PM me smile

Em xxx


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Posted:You could try somewhere like Newquay backpackers run by a friend of a friend. Newquay is pretty central in Cornwall, shouldn't be too rowdy at the time of year you'll be here, and its nice and cheap.

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