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I had my baptism by fire last night. My first virgin burn... and what an unbelievable experience! I'll never forget that moment as long as I live. Thanks to all for the confidence you have brought me, and the support to have the guts to do it. We were sitting around the camp fire on one of my friends little backyard beaches and I just felt it. It's time. My heart started beating fast and I knew it was time. The overpowering adrenalin rushes we're undescribable. The sound of the fire, the sand and people watching me we're all different than my practice room. It went off beautifully. My love and thanks to all !!!

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Posted:Congradulations!!!!!!! smile hug weavesmiley

first burns seem to go best when you just decided to do it and go with it and dont spend much time thinking or worrying about it, isent the sound incredible[insert question mark here], to me itsz the best thing about fire poi


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Posted:wow... that's awesome! congrats!
looks awesome, are you glad you waited a little while?


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I like this one! biggrin

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I wish the pics from my first burn turned out half as well.


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Posted:yeah great photo's there mox. Very cool wow

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Posted:wow, what amazing pics- not too dark.

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Posted:well, sir.

you are now my wallpaper!

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Posted:Awesome!!!! I really like the photos!! I can't wait for my virgin burn....

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Posted:WOW!! r u reli a christian????? and r u going to soulsurvivor?? hug hug hug hug hug weavesmiley weavesmiley

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