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Posted:Hi All,

Ive made a F**K up and double booked a ticket for a local festival the same weekend as i have an exam! Stupid i know but guess thats what you get for being impulsive!

So i now am trying to find someone to sell the ticket on to.
It is a three day festival on 19th - 21st of August 2005 (fri - sun) called Beautiful Days it is held at Escot house in Fairmile Devon, not far from Exter/Honiton area. If you go on to
you can see all about it, this would have been my first time there but i know spinners who are going (Stand and shout for a girl called racheal - she is fab)
and well i guess you can make any festival fun right??

Jowah (aka Warchild) will also be there.

The ticket is for full three days and camping for one adult including booking fee and postage it cost me 86.00, but i will let it go for 60.00 just to regain some of what i have lost through stupidity and give someone esle a bargin!

Well if you would like the ticket please post on herre and leave your email address so we can arrange transfer of money/ticket.

Thanks to all.
Lorwah ubblove

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