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Posted:I finally made it down to Firejam in Portland, OR this last Sunday.

All I had was my friend's full length fire-staff and a lot of determination. (The two main things you need right?)

Anyways, I show up with my friend, he heads over to the drum circle right off, leaving me by myself with a staff in the presence of pro spinners and a lot of talent.

I watch a little, then go over to the fueling station. I have no fuel, which is kind of hard to perform without. So I turn to a guy who looks like he knows what he's doing, and I ask him if I can please use some of his. Little did I know, I was talking to Frederick the Reckless, leader of Fire and Steel.
He says it's ok, gives me a couple tips, and I wait in line.

My first performance was the best I have ever done! I pulled all my tricks no prob and got so full of adrenaline I could hardly stand afterwards. After that I did a couple more burns, the second one was below par but I did ok the third run.

I got some pics of all three performances, during the second one I had another staff come and join me. That was rad. I made a lot of friends there. And now I'm working on becoming worthy of joining a pro troupe. (I HAVE been traing for 2 years now)

Firejam was AWESOME. I'm Totally gonna try to make it there again. I'm also gonna try to get at least one of my pics on here.^^

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Posted:yaaaay how wonderful!
your post is full of joy!
you are very lucky to be good at something you love!

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Posted:that's a great story! You sound like you're on top of the world. Congrats.

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