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Posted:hello everyone,
i figured that this would not be the site to post this , but as i was looking thru a video called SlackinEd , i was totally intrigued by this juggler call Ian who was doing club spinning on his fingers..does any one noe where i can find futher info on club spinning or him ? i personally do poi and torching swinging myself....thought it would really be cool if there are ways i can learn this, as i had been trying out for a frustratingly long time with my clubs...=(
Thanks ,

Ps : i can spin a pen ...does that help? haha....

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Posted:I haven't seen the video so I don't know what exactly he was doing, but it's possible he was passing it between his fingers like staff finger spinning. It could be that your pen spinning would help, it depends how much any of your tricks with a pen are like the club spining tricks. I'd suggest talking to some drummers and staff spinners.

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Posted:I think this video has some "spinning" in it, along with some other cool club moves:


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