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Location: Toronto

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I'm looking for poi buddies or anyone who knows about an active community group... I'm still learning the ropes so I need someone with skills (and patience). Let me know

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Location: Otautahi, New Zealand

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Posted:Hey nilla, I'm in montreal, but it's possible I'll be getting out to toronto, I wanna visit before I take off anyway.. um I saw on one of the other posts that there's a group in toronto, sorry I can't remember where and I've gotta head off in a moment, but if I see it again I'll pass it on biggrin
if I do come to toronto I'd be more than happy to show you a few things,


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Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Posted:Hey Nilla, I'm just outside of Toronto, I'd love to teach you. I'm currently working weekends at the Royal Abington Faire, but we have a big drum circle and fire spinning thing on saturday nights!
Talk to me and we can work something out, I already responded to your PM about the big meets, but practice is always good!

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Posted:Check out the Center of Gravity on 1300 gerrard (they have poi workshops every wednesday... Its $5 for use of the space, and $10 for a lesson, but the people who are practicing are friendly and so you can just as easily learn from them without shelling out the $10. wink

Orrrr you can try spinning at Drummers In Exile on Queen and Bathurst every Tuesday, 8pm-1am. There are always at least a handful of people there who spin poi and if you start spinning you'll grab their attention and they'll be happy to show you some moves if you don't already know them.


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Location: Canada, Ontario, Newcastle

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Posted:Hey guys, i'm from Newcastle. Just a little bit outside of Oshawa smile

if you guys are getting together some weekend, let me know! i'd definantly head down some time. Weekdays are kinda hard to get away, seeing as i'm in school... so weekends are the only way to go for me.

i'd have a little gathering at my house to practice, but my backyard isn't big enough.. seeing how there's a hot tub/shed/deck in the way, LOL.

so if you guys are plannin on gettin together gimme a shout, and i'll hit you guys up!

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Posted:Hey, Davy's been in the scene in toronto for quite some time now. I'm sure they still get together alot smile

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