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Posted: I sort of saw this last night. Problem was that I was surrounded by excitable 14 year olds with a tendency to talk over the quite bits and then scream over the loud bits so I missed a few chunks.

What was the significance of the tatto? How did she know to go to that little shack thing?

I don't mind if anyone sends me a PM rather than post a spoiler.

Thanks all

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Posted:the tattoo is on the prison guard guy..
or something. on his chest.
I saw it a little while ago. Didn't think much of it.
I'm very scardyiboolily, and it didnt make me jump..much..



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Posted:I was a scary film, gave me nightmares...

Anyway, what I don't get is if she was proven not to be insane and had definately killed her husband, why she didn't have to go to jail?


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Posted:You were a scary film?

Which one? Bambi?



Mind you, bambi is scary....



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