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Posted:Dear firetwirlers!

We are a growing group of fire dancers in the Innsbruck area of Austria (currently 25 active performers and growing) and we are doing more and more fire performances.

It is very important for me that all the performers do have insurance. Thus I was extremely disappointed to find that NO Austrian insurers would provide us with public liability cover for our performances (there have been isolated incidences in Vienna and Graz), so if they hear “fire”, they already lose all interest! Our troupe adhere to the very highest of safety standards, but this does not change their disinterest in providing us with insurance protection.

I am looking for the follwing information:
1) Insurers outside Austria that provide insurance for fire twirlers;
2) for a contact person in such an insurance company; and
3) last but not least, it would really help if I could obtain a copy of such a policy/contract, that I could show here in Austria.

Maybe these 3 points could stop them from re-inventing the wheel…. ;-)

Thank U in advance, and if I can help you, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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Posted:Tag Thomas. Have you thought about seeing if a german company will cover you. Just ask for performers insurance.

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i don't think an insurance company would cover me
i do so much playing around with fire i would put one company out of buziness....
oncei set my whole arm on fire....

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Posted:Lunchbox, I wouldn't sound so proud of that if I were you.

It's quite likely people with similar outlooks who have made the Austrian insurers lose faith in all performers.

Can everyone reading this be aware that everytime something goes wrong, whether it's a little party in someones backyard or an actual performance, that it costs professional entertainers gigs, reputation and face.

No-one checks whether or not the people involved were professionals or not, it just goes all over the papers in about a day.

Insurance is another way we all get affected by what others do.

There is no way I could support myself just with fire performers in NZ, because every six months someone injures themselves or destroys some public property and EO stop booking us for months...

Sorry to sound heavy handed, but statements such as yours can really hurt us as performers, both in our pockets and in the publics eye...

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Posted:Hey Guys
I am also investigating Fire Poi Insurance. Try
This is an Australian online company that covers most things.
Good luck.

Cheers Janey

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