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Posted:I got my first burn last night. Well not my first burn ever but my first burn from spinning fire.

The story: We were having a dress-rehearsal for a performance in the Fire Arts Festival this Saturday. It's a routine I've done a lot, however the routine was really built around smaller flames--a lot of buzzsaw action. However, my duet partner and I found out that we can't use our usual white gas/lamp oil mix on the stage, that they want white gas only. My regular wicks (2.5" monkey fists), on straight white gas, do not last the duration of our routine so I had to switch to bigger wicks which meant bigger fire. I made the stupid mistake of not wearing sleeves the first time with the new wicks and as soon as I went into our first buzzsaw sequence I realized my mistake. Just didn't even think about it, as I had done the routine so many times before without incident.

I've certainly seen worse burns than what I got, so this isn't a big tragedy or anything, but I wanted to remind everyone the importance of safety which includes what you're wearing (or not wink ). Also I wanted to share this milestone -- I got burned, so am I a real firespinner now? ubblol

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Posted:welcome to the club biggrin

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