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Posted:does anyone know any simple games to play at a juggle workshop because ive got to do a workshop on my own for the first time and have no idea of any games to play

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Posted:can the people who u are working with, juggle already? or not? What age groups? etc

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Posted:yeah i have onr i use make sure every on has 2 balls then just pass the 3rd around the group make sure your in a cirle....i like this one its fun like hacky sack!!!

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Posted:Gladiators is always fun.

As is "i have the ball", but it might be a little rough...

3ball endurance whilst hopping/counting to 100 etc.

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Posted:Ok, I realise this may be a little late to help you, but just in case anyone's still interested in the topic:

It depends how good the people are...

If they can already juggle you can have:

1. Simon says - like the ordinary verson but also includes juggling tricks (Simon says do mills mess) and if you drop you're out.
2. Juggle combat - set out an area. the aim is to be the last person still juggling - push people out the circle/make them drop/whatever but you're not allowed to stop juggling at any time.
3. Joggling races - if you drop, you have to stop, pick up and start juggling again, before you're allowed to start running again.
4. Juggling volleyball - similar rules to volleyball but everyone has two Juggling Balls, except the server who has 3. The aim is to make the opposing team drop it.


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Posted:stand in a medium circle, you dont want too many people, maybe 6-8 and everyone ahs 2 balls, except the person who is starting who ahs 3, they start juggling, and you have to try to pass it around the circle

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Posted:similar to above but you have to play the famous name game while doing it:

i.e while you are juggling, think of a name i.e Michael Jackson
when you say the name pass the ball to the next person, who must then think of a famous name beginning with J i.e Jane Fonda (which would give 'F' to the next person)

There is a rule that 'double letter' names (i.e Magnus Magnusson, Hugh Hefner) reverses the direction, but in large groups this can mean people have nothing to do for a while.

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