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andi jarred

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Posted:An all night trip through techno, trance, psy, ambient & chill out

JARRED PROMOTIONS return to Bristol for another night of underground Techno, Trance and Psy. After the success of our first bash in the West Country at the New Trinity Centre in March 2005 we thought it was time for our next instalment of JARRED in Bristol.

To keep things moving for JARRED we have selected a new venue to try, which is as underground as the metro!!! - The Black Swan. So expect a night of techno, trance, psy and chill out spread over 3 rooms and outdoor garden area.

It is with our great pleasure hare at JARRED to be collaborating with UK underground hand dance giants ANTIWORLD and PSYGATE.

So expect all-night, full on Techno Trance and Psy from leading UK and International Artists.

Sat 15th October 2005 @ Black Swan : Bristol : 10pm - 06am

Main Room: JARRED vs ANTIWORLD : Techno Trance

Darren Shambhala (samsara)

Greg + Dil Zogg (planet zogg)

Moon + Ross (antiworld)

Andi Leppard (jarred)

Winchy (jarred)

The Tunnel: JARRED vs PSYGATE : Psy Trance

Kristian (psygate / chichime)

Simo (psygate)

POD (jarred / ripsnorter / tribe of frog)

Sean Rudz (666 / underground city)

Funky Grooves Room : House/Funk/Soul/Breaks/Ambient/Chil

Vortechtral (techment / electra mento)

Ben Murphy (funky buddha lounge)

George Hutchinson

Jim Petherwick (arc bar / cosies)

Sam + Dom

Full Fluro Decor - Undertow / Lunar

Crystal Clear Sound - DMT

Striking Lighting + Lasers - DMT

Fluro Bazaar

Laughing Gas Stalls

Fire Performers + Camp Fire

The Most Up For It Party Crowd In Town!!!!

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Posted:Ta for the advert.

What a wonderful miracle if only we could look through each other's eyes for an instant.