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Posted: When you die, what do you want to be done with your body? ie do you want to be buried or cremated etc? What do you want to headstone to say?/ where do you want your ashes to be scattered? What music do you want to be played?

for me:
If buried: I want "I'm going deeper underground" by the Jam played. On my headstone I want "A Totally looney" and on the top of the headstone I want a figurine of someone spinning fire chains (maybe with candles as the wicks?)

If Cremated: I want "Disco Inferno (Burn Baby burn" by Tina Turner (I think). I want my ashes to be spread over my enemy's head!

At either party I want there to be loads of people spinning fire and very very drunk....oh..and lots of random drug taking....or basically whatever makes you happy. And i want everyone to sing YMCA in one voice!

I don't dance. I move to music - Some dumb schmuck, Blue Peter 16/9/02-------------------This morning, I sat on the TV and I watched the Sofa

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