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Fire Wire

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Posted:I just wanted to say hiya to all of ya the was at PIP on Saturday night. It was wicked made my birthday special . For those of ya that missed out on Infected Mushroom (Woody, Bovril & MarkP) THey were wicked , but the venue really was shiiiiite (sorry but it was!!). So yes we had fun -- dont ask about the freak dressed in a PVC zebra suit and a plastic horse muzzle (that was scary!). and i hope you all enjoyed the bubble wrap session.. sounded fabtastic -- and like i said on saturday.. if any of ya is ever around in berkshire (Maidenhead, high Wycombe, Slough, Windsor) give us a mail
Take care all xxxxxx

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Chesham close enuf?


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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Do you know how long it takes to get to windsor from wycombe, or vice versa? The shell routeplanner says it only takes 13 minutes, which I know to be a whole heap of pants.

Anyway, once UCOF has moved to Chesham, I'd be up for dragging him along on a drive to say hi and have a spin - I don't usually get to meet any other spinners outside London and it'll make a nice change spinning somewhere new.

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