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Have you ever regretted saying, not saying something? Doing something, not doing something?

If the opportunity arose to go back and relive your life would you do it? I would, I certainly would.

There are so many choices and decisions that I would change, not that I'm going to go into them here.

Could you honestly say, on your dying day 'I've lived my life with no regrets'?

Everyone says to learn from your mistakes, accept them, life goes on etc.

I agree that you do learn from them, but me personally? I will never be able to accept them.


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not telling this girl what i feel about her - the usual

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I always have regrets with interacting with people. Usually because that i didnt say something i should have said to somone or i should have acted differently but didnt because i felt weird.
As for actions i rarely regret anything. I do stupid stuff and never regret it.

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I regreted not going to see my aunt rosemarry before she died, she held on for so long and I had so many opertuntys to see her before we lost her. Unfortunatly I wasnt prepared to admit to myself that she would die in the end I just thought it couldnt happen (silly I know you cant cheat death), it hurt alot at her funeral because she wrote something about everyone in the familly in a latter except me, she looked after me after I was born for a while because my mum couldnt cope after she gave birth to me. My first bond wasnt with my mother it was with her. My aunt died just before my 17th birthday last year

You learn from your mistakes, in a way I think regrets make you wiser, you shouldnt really regret things because life a huge learning curve. Just make sure you do everything possible to make any future regrets not happen

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I regret many things I've done in the past. But the good news is that I regret very few things I'm doing now.


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i dont regret anything ive done, well maybe a few id like to have smeared from my big red book but still,

i only regret oppertunities i havent taken, like going on that extreme adventure reality tv show, sounds cheesey but they'dve taken me all over the world to do it ubbcrying and not making love (for want of a more dirty word) to will or mark when i had the im sad

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"If only" are the worst two words when put together. If there is nothing to be done about what is regretted, then we have to move on. Listen to Skully, she is one of the most sensible people I've come across (look at the London bombs thread to see how she helped with that).

I have done a lot of stupid things in a long life, and it is too late to change matters now. I made the choices based on good intentions and if I'd not done them, I wouldn't have had the experiences in life that have been mine. Most of them have been pretty good, I've seen lots of this world and met loads of good people. They well out-weigh the other kind. Yes, there are a few regrets, but "onward and upward"...

Have great lives and be glad for a place like HoP to vent and philosophise. grouphug

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I do not regret the things I've done, only those I did not do. No regrets, not about anything, not ever.

Have I done stupid things?Yes
Have I said stupid things?Yes
Have I done the wrong thing?Yes
Have I made the wrong decision?Yes
Have I made mistakes?Yes
Am I paying for my mistakes? Yes

Would I change anything if I could go back in time... NO!

I would do it all again exactly as I did before, i would re-live the pain and anguish, the joy and laughter and so on in the exact same way, because no matter what, looking back from was all worth it. Would I do it all again? In a heartbeat!

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No regrets. Maybe some things should have been different, maybe a lot, but i think i did what i could at the time i did it, and thats what counts.

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I just wish...

I just wish I could've...

...she was so beautiful...

...but my mouth was spouting... no control... down from that... up on that...

Ah, well, there's always a next time.