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Posted: i spent this morning sewing (badly) a large patch of brown flower pattern material which kinda resembles half a pair of hot pants onto the back of my lovely brown chord flairs.... i'm sure it looks ridiculous but i couldnt face the end of such a well loved pair of trousers (they had embarassingly ripped open), plus i'm travelling with only one other pair!

i hardly ever buy anything new now, i'm really worried my parents will have thrown out my jeans at home while i'm away.... all my clothes are the same - old and tatty and loved....

has anyone else got any clothes that are hanging on by countless repairs but are so loved that there is no other option, or any clothes you've loved and lost???


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Posted:i've got a silverchair shirt from their freak show tour in like 97-98. I've warn it that much that the hem at the bottem is no more, than the collor is almost totally seperate from the shirt. But i love it and i'll never get rid of it.
My weedbok shirt was once black, it is now a really light grey colour and is full of holes between the paint stuff.
When i was living at home, if my mum did my washing and there was short/shirt that was old and tatty it would have an "accedent" in the wash.

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Posted:I had these black ripstop combat trousers, which fitted nicely, and had loads of pockets for everything I carry around, and...

To cut a long story short, I wore them far too much, and subjected them to a lot of punishment. I had to patch the leg again and again... I even kept wearing them after the left hand thigh pocket got ripped off for the second time.

Then, one time when I was at the gym, I decided to go into the splits on two peoples shoulders. The crotch tore from the front to the back, so it was fortunate that I wore black underwear that day.

In the end, I got another pair almost identical trousers, but I still have the horribly torn ones. Maybe I'll take off the pockets and sew them to the newer pair.


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Posted:I have a sewing machine Ms Lemming so we can repair all problems! biggrin

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Posted:biggrin I'm a shocker for not throwing out old clothes...

so now I have a ginormous pile of clothes coz I can't bare to toss out any of them... can never find what I want to ware though ubblol

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Posted:hmm. i was sewing up a pair of my fav spunky green trousers just yesterday! ubblol

yeh i too must say i'm a shocker for throwing out old stuff favs. nothing better than a pair of perfectly moulded-to-your-body type jeans or whatever. love it.

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