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BirgitBRONZE Member
had her carpal tunnel surgery already thanks v much
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Even though I missed it on account of going to Germany, here's

CONGRATULATIONS to KatB's and Stuart's wedding!!

hug bounce ubblove hug ubblove bounce hug

Though it's now not KatB anymore. Oh it's all so confusing... anyways, we'll have to keep bumping this thread until they're back from their honeymoon and Falmouth I think biggrin

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linden rathenGOLD Member
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WOOOOOOT congrats bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

more hooked up hoppers and these two may breed and give rist to a race of super spinners biggrin tongue

woot and congrats biggrin


_Clare_BRONZE Member
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Congrats again biggrin

Hope it was a lovely day for you both

Take care and best wishes
Clare x

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Adya MiriyanaGOLD Member
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whee bounce congratulationaryaries! biggrin

jeff(fake) 1,189 posts
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Seems like only yesterday we were holding back the masses at Beltane with fire brands...

how time flies... *looks nostalgicaly off into distance*

Conratulations! biggrin

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bluecatgeek, level 1
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the wedding was great biggrin

and alex and i poi'd away and amused the elders.


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Dr_Molly 2,354 posts
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Congratulations MrsKat hug

I'm sorry we couldn't be there but it sounds like you had a beautiful day.
I'll see you on your return with demijohns in tow.

ShuBRONZE Member
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happy happy life 2getha

Regards hug

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Pink...?BRONZE Member
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Congratulations hug

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SNOOPoi 3,380 posts
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i hope you had a great day! biggrin

feel free to drop into my breeding program and add to the scientific knowledge! biggrin

hughug ubblove ubblove

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MynciBRONZE Member
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all the best in everything you do

biggrin clap ubbrollsmile hug ubblove

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

yoniGOLD Member
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bounce bounce2 clap CONGRATULATIONS clap bounce2 bounce

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