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jugjimcos 47 posts

A long weekend of skills and fun! Sessions in Juggling, Poi, club swinging, pole spinning, acrobalance, human pyramids, fire chains, Diabolo, Devil Stick, ring and plate spinning, balloon modelling, yoga and more.

Full details:

Cosmos Jugglers at Lower Shaw Farm

Explore the magic of black light in a fluorescent room with props that glow in the dark. Large-scale fire extravaganza with fire sculptures. Cabaret, Cosmos black light performance and more...

Anna-pananna 179 posts
Location: Oxford


I can thoroughly recommend this weekend, lots of fun with great people, fabulous food, and a lovely setting.

I've been going every year for about 12 years... (although I do live at Lower Shaw Farm wink )

Hopefully see some of you there!


Practice as if your hair was on fire...

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