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I think you've raised 2 points skully:

1) Generally people's interpretation of religion that allows them to commit crime isn't the interpretation of the majority of other people following the religion. KKK members will claim that Christianity endorses their cause, as will the atrocities committed by the 'Jewish' administration against the Palestinians in Israel. This is no different, but with Islam used as the poor deluded excuse.

2) There's a good chance, assuming that this was committed by Muslim fanatics, that one of their aims was to cause communities to segregate, to cause hatred towards Muslims in the country, so they can then exploit that. America's revenge attack on afganistan has made more young muslims want to become terrorists not stopped. If i'd grown up as a palastinian no doubt I'd want to become a suicide bomber. In Bosnia Serbs and Muslims had lived side by side for years without problems, not in separate communities but in the same towns, villages etc. Part of the ethnic cleansing process was to cause disruption and turn the 2 against each other, as it made killing off the Muslims that much easier. It's been happening throughout history.

Josie-PosieJosie-PosieBRONZE Member
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The passage you quoted Skully has recently been used in an Asian Dub Foundation song on their new album. Having listened to the album after the events of the last few days it seems very apt.

The sad fact is there are people within our communities who do have negative feelings towards people of other colours, origins or religions. These people will use any event they can to "punish" the people they don't like for being "wrong" be it a murder a rape or a terrorist attack. I just hope the vast right-minded majority is strong enough to stand up and say NO, and not just go along with it as it makes life easier not to be singled out.

So there a long-winded way of saying this is a good and apt album and I agree with you about needing to resist what we know to be wrong and be counted.

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I do have her number, and whenever i called it went straight to her voicemail.

Thanks for letting me know she's fine Jem! How did you get hold of her?!?

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jemima (jem)jemima (jem)SILVER Member
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She has a new number rolleyes

and I emailed her at work biggrin

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Hey, just got back on internet access so just thought I'd leave a big hug for everyone affected. Luckily my freind was visiting her sister and due back in London later that day so was OK. Thught I'd let you Londoners know that everyone in Glasgow held the 2 minute silence. It was amazing, everyone in the street just stopped. Then when it was ove everyone seemed to know what time it finished, and we all carried on. Not sure if its already been said, but I think its very important for everyone to carry on, and not let it stop their lives, because thats when the terrorists win. I also agree its terrible, and wrong to attack muslims as the the terrorists are not Muslims, they may claim their loyalties lie that way but by commiting the attacks, they go against that religion. It is also worth to note that Muslims were killed in the bombs so it cannot be called a racist attack.

sorry if this repeats anything already written.

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i was most impressed with the 2 minutes silence in our town too. although the town was packed it was sooooooo quiet, even the drunk people by the fountain shut up.

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