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Well, after spending 13 hours on a coach, through numerous European cities and over vast motorways (on the wrong side of the road lol) we arrived in Sennelager, Germany at 21:00. We hit the Naffi bar and drank a little.

Got up and went to Belsen-Berger (sp) to visit an old concentration camp and listened to Professor Plume talk of his horrors during the occupation. Then on our way back to camp, we stopped off at a war graves cemetery and laid a reef in memory of those who lost their lives during WWII.

Now that the educational bit is out of the way, next we went to Cologne, city of lots of beautiful people, I was like a dog with two **ks! We saw some sights, climbed about 1,500 steps in the Cathedral to admire the fruits of our labour, and as much as Germany as the eye could see. It wasn't so bad on the way up, if not a little tiring but I had a wicked view coming down the tight, steep staircase as I was walking behind a very "forward-facing" woman *smut* but my only complaint, is the hallway did smell of sweaty crutch all the down (all those out of shape people walking up and down all day!)

Went to a shop of the night (for those under 18) and bought copious amounts of "reading" material, of which I was extremely surprised at the contents! Moving swiftly on.....

Spent two days training with regular soldiers as they prepared for exercise in Poland this week which consisted of driving a Warrior simulator, as a gunman - I actually passed their exam scenario which enables me to train as a tank gunner should I wish wohoo! And we flew an Apache sim, Drove a Challenger sim and an APV - all very exciting as the whole get-up is like the inside of said vehicle.

Anyway, loaded up in to the back of a Panzer 432 and headed out cross country. I got dicked in to wearing the Command headset so got to stand up the whole journey. Bearing in mind, the exhaust from the 432 is right in front of the top hatch so you get coated in diesel fumes and it really makes your eyes water! BUT, that was the least of my worries as we shot off the top of a knife edge at 40 mph (bearing in mind we weigh something like 60 tonnes), we went straight up in the air and came down almost vertical and smashed in to the ground before bouncing some. I almost got thrown out thanks to the guy stood behind me, which would have ended up with me being squished by the bulk of armour in question.

Myself and two others beat some NCO's at killer (pool) in the bar across the way and that wasn't helped by the free shots that the bar-maids were dishing up after locking the doors! 04:30 later and I was crawling (literally) in to bed to sleep for 2 hours before parade!

Then, myself and a mate were naughty so ended up being gated for the last night which meant no off-camp antics! Instead, we snuck in to 200 sigs squadron bar (after asking them first, but they thought it was funny) and ended up playing more drinking games until God knows what time!

All in all, a truly funny experience had by all, except I wouldn't want to go to war with 6 (at most) people from my unit. Oh, and there's talk of mobilising us for TELIC8 next year WOHOO shrug

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whats a crumpet?

Kangaroo Island eh? I hear that place is really hopping!

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What's a crumpet? *gibbers and faints*

Only the best snack thing ever smile

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Nuggit, did you mention ze vaw?

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